Warranty and support

Money back guarantee

If it becomes clear that the purchased goods are not suitable for any reason, you will be able to withdraw from the order within 14 days, return the product in the undamaged and unopened package and receive a refund of the money paid. The transport cost of the ordered item will not be refunded. The goods to be returned must not be used and must be in the original packaging!

To return the product, please send us a written message by e-mail [email protected] or provide the following information on the spot in the showroom.
1. the product to be returned
2. invoice number
3. the cause
4. the bank account number and the name of the holder to which to transfer the money back.

Return unused and undamaged products to us immediately, but not later than within 14 calendar days of the withdrawal application being sent. You can return the products to insplay showroom or by post to: OÜ Rekato, Paavli 2a, 10142 Tallinn. The cost of returning the product shall be borne by the returner of the order.

We will transfer the money for the returned product to your bank account within 7 working days of the return of the goods, but not later than within 14 working days.

You can find more detailed terms and conditions on our  Terms and Conditions page. In case of questions please contact us via email [email protected] or phone +372 650 0005 or 650 0040.

Warranty and support

Private customer has right to to submit complaints within 24 months

  • In the case of private persons, we are responsible for defects in the goods within 2 years of delivery of the goods

In the case of business clients including educational institutions, we provide the warranty period for 12 months

  • 1 year warranty period is accounted from the date of delivery of the good by the manufacturer.

Battery warranty period 6 months

  • The battery accompanying the goods is a cost material, so the warranty period for batteries is generally shorter than the warranty period of the device itself. The discharge of the battery depends directly on how intensively the device is used.

14-day right of withdrawal

  •   The product purchased from the e-store can be returned within 14 days, considering that it has not been used and that the original packaging is undamaged and unopened.

Insplay does not eliminate the disadvantages found at the time of if it is caused by:

  • errors in the software installed on the device;
  • normal wear and tear of the device
  • improper use or maintenance of the equipment (including if the device has been repaired or maintained by a person unauthorised by the manufacturer);
  • the replacement or removal of the serial number, control sticker or marking sticker of the device and/or item;
  • the deficiencies communicated to the customer prior to purchasing the device by Insplay;
  • external factors, including thunderstorms, non-compliant electrical voltages and electrical voltage fluctuations, humidity, fluid, mechanical damage, etc.

We rely on the expertise we have conducted (detection of error or diagnostics) when determining our responsibility. If the diagnostics reveal that the defects are caused by the factors listed above, but repair of the equipment is possible, then you have the possibility to order a paid repair. A device with fluid/moisture damage and/or mechanical damage will continue to be repaired only in a paid procedure.

Insplay performs maintenance and repairs on most of the products we provide. The diagnostics performed on the device shall be subject to an handling fee if Insplay is not responsible for remedying the defect identified on the device and it is not possible to repair the equipment. A handling fee shall also be charged if the device is not detected as a result of the diagnostic and the device complies with the manufacturer's technical requirements.

Diagnostics do not have to be paid by a private customer within the first six months of the date of purchase.

Price list for maintenance and repair:

  • diagnostic or defect detection fee: 15 € + VAT
  • easy repair: 15 € + VAT
  • complex repair: 30 € + VAT

In the case of non-warranty maintenance or repairs, the cost of sending spare parts and the product back to the customer is added to the price.

Terms and conditions of validity of the guarantee:

  • The guarantee is based on an invoice that proves the purchase of the goods.
  • The defects what are not covered under warranty:
    • for external reasons, i.e. damage caused intentionally or inadvertently by the buyer.
    • negligence or improper use of the device.
    • maintenance carried out by an unauthorised person or repairs performed by an unauthorised person.
  • Normal product wear is not covered by the warranty
  • The complaint must be submitted in English and as clearly as possible about the defect in the product.
  • The consumer's claim is not to be resolved if the Seller proves that the defects in the use of the goods are caused by the fault of the consumer.
  • If the claim is covered by the warranty, the Seller shall cover the costs of sending.

If you do not agree with Insplay's position, you must be ready to prove that:

  • there is a deficiency (lack of conformity); 
  • the defect or the reason for it existed at the time of delivery of the device;
  • Insplay is responsible for the defect..

In the event of deficiencies encountered during the first 6 months, a customer must demonstrate that:

  • there is a deficiency (lack of conformity);
  •  the defect or the reason appeared within first 6 months of usage.

If Insplay has provided a sales guarantee for the device, we will ensure that the defects are removed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the sales guarantee.

How long does it take to repair the device? 
The time it takes to diagnose and repair depends on the defect, but it usually does not exceed 14 calendar days. We will definitely inform you of the significant extension of the repair period.

What happens if the device has been repaired several times already? 
If the error starts to recur and is not remedied, the device will be replaced or compensated. There are no restrictions on the number of repairs, but the device is usually replaced or compensated for the same error in the third event.

Send product to service

To send the product to service or diagnostics, please fill in the form below first. We respond to a request and confirm that the faulty device is usually arrived within 1-2 working days.

Service request

Please fill in the form below to request for product service. After filling the form send the product to our address. In general we start with service within 1-2 days from arrival with the confirmation email.

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