Warranty and maintenance

Before you arrange for the device to be repaired:


Make sure the battery is charged properly.

If possible, test the device with another similar device battery.

Make sure the USB connection and charging cable is OK.


Read the device manuals and recommendations on the manufacturer's website.

See if a software update is available for your device.


Make sure that there is no dust, sand or other obstructions between the buttons and the connections.

How long does it take to repair a device?

The time required for diagnosis and repair depends on the defect, but usually does not exceed 14 calendar days. We will definitely inform you about a significant extension of the repair time.

What happens if the device has been repaired several times already? 
If the error starts to recur and is not remedied, the device will be replaced or compensated. There are no restrictions on the number of repairs, but the device is usually replaced or compensated for the same error in the third event.

How do I calibrate my Ozobot Evo?
For optimal performance, Ozobot Evo must be calibrated on the appropriate play base before each use. The basis of calibration is different when playing on paper and on a smart device. To calibrate, do the following:

1. Hold down the power button for 2 seconds until the Ozobot Evo LED starts flashing white.

2. Then release the button and proceed as follows:

  a. Whilst working on paper, place the Ozobot Evo on the circle drawn with a black marker.

  b. To calibrate on a smart device, set your screen to 100% brightness and place the Evo on a white part of your screen to calibrate.

3. A successful calibration is signaled by Ozobot Evo with a blue light, forward movement, green light and shutdown. If Ozobot Evo flashes red, start calibration again.

4. Ozobot Evo must be turned on again after calibration.

5. If your Ozobot Evo stops moving along the line or does not read the drawn code correctly, try to calibrate the robot again. If it still doesn't work, try again.

The Makeblock mTiny robot behaves strangely. What do I have to do?

Update the robot firmware. Upgrade instructions can be found here: mTiny firmware upgrade

The charging socket of the Makeblock mTiny robot was broken during the warranty period. Is it covered by the warranty?

Breakage of the charging socket is a manufacturer's fault and we will rectify it during the warranty work. Please send a robot to us and we'll do it.

Makeblock mTiny roboti pult ei tööta. Mida pean tegema?

Kui mTiny ei ole puldist juhitav siis tuleks puldile teha restart, hoides korraga all kahte alumist nuppu ja toite nuppu.

Uuri videoõpetust: Makeblock mTiny puldi restarti juhend

TTS Bee (Blue) -Bot robot moves with difficulty or pulls to one side. Is it repairable?

Before repairing, try holding down the robot's X button for more than 3 seconds to permanently cancel the robot's programs. You hear a beep. If this does not help, have the device repaired.

What to do with the out-of-warranty and non-working TTS Bee (Blue) -Bot robot?

The electronics and components of Bee and Blue-Bot robots that have exceeded the grant period are difficult and expensive to repair, and we recommend purchasing a new device.

 To request warranty, repair or maintenance please fill out the form.