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Makeblock vision is to help more people enjoy creating while having fun.

Makeblock combines technology and education and lowers the overall threshold of creation by building a STEAM platform covering mechanics, electronics and software. Makeblock believes that in children’s basic education stage, the vastness of their knowledge is more important than the depth of their knowledge. At the same time, we should also focus more on the development of their abilities rather than the impartation of knowledge. Based on a combination of software and hardware, Makeblock helps children learn from practical usage of technical devices and thinking training so that they will fear no challenges in the future and grow up as individuals who have critical thinking skills and who are socially responsible.

Tuntud Makeblock roboti mBot südameks on populaarne Arduino Uno mikrokontroller, mis tagab standardse ja laia ühilduvuse. Makeblock on välja töötanud Scratch 3.0 põhineva visuaalse programmeerimise keskkonna mBlock, mis sobib hästi nii algajale kui edasijõudnule. 

Insplay is the official wholesaler of Makeblock products.